Cara&Co cannot be labelled; It´s neither a boutique, nor a shop, nor a department store. But it combines these three elements into a concept store that contains intellectual fashion, art, food and music in a truly inspiring environment.

Cara&Co  is able to satisfy all five human senses of most refined clients.  For the Sense of Sight and Sense of Taste it has an amazing restaurant/gourmet cafe and a great selection of hi-end fashion, accessories and fine jewelry, for the Sense Of Touch Aquarium has different textures, materials and fabrics, for the Sense of Smell theclients are able to find rare selective perfumes and for the Sense Of Hearing – life music and some of the gadgets.

Cara&Co is for those men and women who value design philosophy more than the label; who are true to their taste more than the fame of a logo; and who are genuine lovers of fashion and not simply its victims.