I think, I became addicted to the Current Affair on Channel 9, or, rather, when I hear the word “shopping”, while having my first glass of wine (two is the limit)), when Current Affair is on, my ears strain, like the ears of a wolf, hearing the bleating of the sheep in a distance. My eyes start seeing red, and as far as my muscles are concerned, they are ready to run a marathon.

The program starts – the head of AMP shopping, the editor of “Shop till you Drop” Magazine, together with all the shopping experts from Australia assure us that huge mega malls would be the future of Australia. Soon, we might have skating rinks inside these shopping mega malls and swimming pools and whatever we can imagine to make us to spend a day or two there… well, the prototype would be Dubai and Durban.


Those experts also mention, that the best international brands like Uniqlo and H&M would be joining forces to become part of those new developments. The prices would be low and affordable. Images of Zara, Chanel, Gucci, H&M and Uniqlo are filling the screen to confirm the variety. The narrator of the story cheerfully says, that one could buy the best quality things in Uniclo for negligent prices, and get the whole evening outfit in H&M for 100 dollars. Australian consumer would finally have an access to the best brands on the planet.


I am getting confused – and I did not even finish my first glass of wine:


Are Chanel or Gucci going to drop their prices to match those of H&M and Uniqlo to become low and affordable? Or Chanel and Gucci are not going to be part of those mega malls?

Since when, Uniqlo and H&M became the best quality international brands? My cashmere sweater from Uniqlo lasted me exactly two days, before it started to peel. In my opinion, it is a disposable fashion, not comparable with the quality of the best international brands…

Who is the judge of what are the best brands for Australia to have an access to?

As a matter of interest:

Is LOWE coming to Australia?Is COS coming to Australia?Is Chantal Thomas, coming to Australia, perhaps?

Are Petit Bateau, Roberto Verino, “The Other Stories”, Dries Van Notten, Martin Margiela, Rick Owens, Hussein Chalayan, Kenzo, Goyard, Pomellato constitute the part of the best brands invasion?


No, of course not. High Street Fashion is coming to Australia and, please, don’t tell us, they are the best brands in the world.



The program also mentions, that the best restaurants and the best food imaginable would be present in the future malls. From my own experience and my own knowledge, four hatted restaurants left Westfield Sydney shopping centre, since this centre opened its doors in 2010. I would confidently say that none of those restaurants would be brave enough to repeat the shopping mall experience.

Since Westfield is going to follow AMP in its giant mall construction race – new Miranda Shopping Centre, I have only one question? How do we know where we are in those malls without going simply mad?  Are we in Miranda? Macquarie? Bondi Junction? Why do we need the repetition of a much of a muchness?

Why don’t the best shopping destinations in the world have those giant malls?

Why none of the mega malls are present in New York, Seoul, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Madrid, Tokyo, Milan, Rome, London?

Because they are soooo yesterday…

I understand the bit about Durban and Dubai. It is almost nothing to do there, outside of those malls (I hope I am forgiven).

But why Sydney, with its beautiful blue skies, with its three days of rain and its three days of cold weather per year, why Sydney deserves this mega mall invasion? Why not to support what we have, and try not to lose what we tried to build for many generations?  Why should we lose historical Transvaal Avenue in Double Bay with its little white cosy houses/shops (120 years old) like Belinda, Marni, Mihal Negrin, newly born Timaginarium…


Why should we lose Macleay Street with Becker and Minty and Macleay on Manning and Grandiflora in Potts Point?


Why should we lose Darling Street, veering through Rozelle and Balmain? It has so many shops and cafes of beautiful variety? Is Mosman destined to die?  Does William Street in Paddington have its use by date?


Please understand, I am not against giant shopping malls, designed for people living in remote areas. I am against the giant shopping malls, so close to what we call Sydney CBD.

I am against the shopping malls, which negate individuality, and promote uniformity.

I am against the shopping malls, which push local unique operators out of business.

There is always another way to do it – for example, there is another shopping centre in Sydney, designed by Japanese architects in Central Park, Ultimo – it is functional, compact, and it is simply nice.


None of the local traders suffered as Central Park shopping mall appearance…

Uniformity is USSR – I don’t want to go back there luxury or no luxury…

Well, it seems that my affair with the Current Affair is not finished yet.

To be continued…)