We played our ideas and made a research between NY and Moscow, and finally chose Moscow as being more profitable solution. We were the first to bring Bitte Kai Rand, Tim Van Steenbergen, Delvaux, Zambesi, Ksubi, Theresa Rawstone, Metallicus, Akira, Jean Paul Knott, Henry Cuir, Josh Goot, World, Jayson Brundston, Bettina Liano, Queene and Belle, Henry Cuir and many others to Russia. We brought every year 1 million dollars worth of Australian and NZ designers and half a million dollars worth of Belgian, Danish, Italian and Scottish designers.

God knows, but we did everything to make sure we would be open on the 5th of April 2007. And we did. By this time we all lost sleep, had dress rehearsals of divorces and separations, and killing our builders in cold blood. Our builders had stop work 6 days before the opening in the full traditions of our trade unions. They wanted more money. The building supervisor had a nervous breakdown and left two days before the opening. We still found a solution and the day has come and it was perfect, and Natalia Imbruglia did not fall through not so stable floor in Winzavod corridor and 700 celebrities did not fall through this floor either. And we had the party of the century and afterparty of the century, because Russians know how to have fun. On the 5th of April 2007, Cara&Co was first opened at Winzavod.

We opened Cara&Co at Winzavod, its a Moscow equivalent of Soho at the times when Soho in NY was in its early stages of becoming fashionable, when the police on both sides of the planet had raids on drug dealers and prostitutes, we opened it in a mix of early Redfern, Waterloo and Kings Cross. That was the most romantic place in Moscow. There were hundreds of limos, Bentleys and unpronounceables ) at our opening . I hope you can feel 1% of the atmosphere in this video:


Then we started getting the write-ups, not just in Russia but in UK -2007 (Guardian, Observer)

For his design Alexey got three WGSN awards – not two bad for the first three years of existence,

In 2009 we were placed in the best 5 boutiques in the world by the electronic version of Wall Street Magazine. Life was beautiful, we could not complain – we had the whole future in front of us.  In 2010 we were crowned as the best shop in Russia…

See you next in Sydney…